Where is Aruba Located ?

Where is Aruba Located ? Aruba is a member of the Dutch Antilles geographically speaking; it technically gained its independence from Holland in 1986, it is a still a member of what is called the Dutch kingdom with Queen Beatrix as of head of state.

Aruba is located in the southern part of the Caribbean along of the Venezuela coast.
It is a few miles north of Venezuela and belongs to what is known the Dutch Caribbean Island which also includes Bonaire and Curacao.

Aruba is about 20 miles ( 32 km) long by 6 wide (10km), it about 15 miles from north of Venezuela, on a clear day you can see each other . Because of its location, Aruba is away from any possible hurricane, make it a desirable destination.

Oranjestad is the capital and where the port and the international airport and the main airport are. It is where most of the businesses are located.

Aruba is only has almost 100,000 residents and over the year over a million people visit this tiny island in the Caribbean.

It is divided by air or by sea with major cruises and airlines servicing the island all year round. 

The western part of the island is where 90 % of people, businesses, facilities such as hospitals, etc are located, the three main part of the island is Oranjestad, Saint Nicolas and Palm Beach are, specially in Palm beach is where all the major hotels and resort in Aruba are.

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