Tierra del Sol Aruba Resort & Country Club

Tierra del Sol Aruba Resort & Country Club is the only resort of its kind on Aruba, it is the combination of Golf with sun and perfect location. Located on the north side of the island close to the California Lighthouse, on Malmokweg z/n Noord, it has 77 villas and 37 condos.

This resort offers an 18-hole top of the line golf course enclose with all the villas or condos. The facilities are phenomenal for golf, and also the beach is only a few feet away, the location is quite and a few minutes north of the high rise and probably a good thirty minutes from Oranjestad.

The rates on Tierra del Sol Aruba Resort & Country Club from December to April are in the range of $350 to over $450, and on the off season from May to December the rates range about $ 250 to over $ 350. with unlimited golf the rates change to over  $ 550 to $770 on the high season and on the low season from $ 350 to over $ 500. The resort also offers two restaurants, bars, outdoor pool, spa, health club and tour desk; In the rooms offer A/C, Television and Kitchen.

The villas and condos are individually owned and each unit has its personal touch, in general, space is generous in all of the villas and condos sizes with a master bedroom with a full size bathroom and in some of them an outside Jacuzzi.

One extremely good feature at Tierra del Sol Aruba Resort & Country Club is the ability to order a fully stock kitchen via internet and be able to rent a car a significant discounts, ready to pick it up at the airport.

Convenience and golf is what makes this resort and country club apart from another on the island, but still you will be able to enjoy the island if you choose to do it.

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