Palm Beach Aruba

Palm Beach Aruba is the most popular destination, it host almost all of High Rises, such as the Riu, Holiday Inn, Wyndham, Marriott, Divi Phoenix and a few more such as the Brickell Bay Hotel. There are pleny of restaurants and attractions, in and out of the resort.

The beaches are probably the best maintained on the island, the resort spend plenty of time and resources to give their guest the best beach on Aruba. There are plenty of facilities and amenities, keep in mind that you will be able to use the beach, but if you are interested on using any resort amenities, you will be responsible for any possible charge.

Palm Beach is the center of attraction with two piers and many local operators offering many watersports options as well classes of sailing, windsurfing and scuba.

The water is clear and light blue and the sand is phenomenal with plenty of shade and services around you. It is design that if you are staying on one of the resorts, you do not need to leave, since some of the biggest resort offers anything imaginable.

Palm Beach Aruba is one of the best overall beach on the island, you could just lay on the beach and enjoy a beautiful beach, and you could use the various amenities available to do some of the thing that you would like to do, or maybe get pamper by the excellent service available from the many resorts on the area.

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