Aruba Ostrich Farm

Believe it or not Aruba has its own Ostrich farm; although it is native to Africa. Ostrich finds Aruba’s rugged terrain a similar environment for these birds to live. The farm is located on the North east side of the island, close to Arikok National park. This farm sets a place that allows over 80 count flock to learn and observe the largest living species in the world.

The tour provides great insight information on their natural behavior and survival instincts as well as close encounters with the birds. The farm offers an Art Shop with authentic goods from South Africa and a restaurant, in which you can indulge in eating ostrich meat.

The tour of the OstrichFarm is about 3 hrs, and it will take you close and personal with the available Ostrich on the farm. First the tour guide will introduce you with adult emus and ostriches. It will show you Ostrich and emus in their local habitat and the tour will finish by showing you an incubator that holds Ostriches eggs. All through the tour you will have the opportunity to hand feed them and interact closely with always hungry birds.

The tours are available every half and hour and run by knowledgeable tour guides.

Some interesting to things about emus or ostriches are the biggest and heaviest birds in the world. Ostriches can reach speed of up to 43 miles per hour, making them the fastest running birds. Ostrich and emus meat are red, like beef, make them the healthiest meat you can eat, while low in cholesterol and fat.

The Farm has its own restaurant, in the restaurant; there are plenty of dishes that use Ostrich meat, Ostrich sashimi, and other variety available at the restaurant. The view and food will definitely be unique experience, since Ostrich dishes are not readily available outside Africa.

There are other unique characteristics that make the Ostrich a bird that was at the verge of extinction at one point in time, due to is sought feathers, which in one point was an extremely desirable fashion statement; this is a great informative tour that you probably will not find in other areas except in Africa. The farm is open every day of week and tours are available like mention before, every half and hour and the hours of operation are 9 am to 4 pm.

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