Mounting Biking in Aruba

Aruba since it is a nice cozy and safe place to vacation; one thing that is offered is mounting biking. Again like mention in many sections of the web page, there have been a push for more eco-tourism on the island, and biking, especially mountain biking is a quick and remarkable good solution. This trend is not only tied with Aruba and its authorities, it is a more social conscious solution to a more complex earth.

If you are looking for an all inclusive vacation, probably mountain biking or any outdoor activities outside the hotel pool will not be a selling or attracting point. Many individuals in contrast love outdoors, because of the weather and constant wind, biking is a great activity. During the summer months, biking could be difficult, especially at the middle of the day, because the sun is strongest and being fully hydrate is necessary.

There are great areas in which you can bike, like the north side of the island with a special focus on the California lighthouse and explore the east side of the island with its breathtaking sunset and constant breeze, making a perfect place to ride.

Another great area for biking is Arikok national park from which you will enjoy the flora and fauna of the island, close to Arikok is Casibari rock formations that depending on where you are in Arikok national park, Casibari rock formation is a short bike ride.

One choice that is available for mountain biking in Aruba is to buy a tour with it professional tour guide, depending on the level , tour destination, season. Some of the local operators will assign you a tour guide, matching tour need and your physical condition.

Short list of Bicycle rental operators on the island.

Mountain Bike Tours at Rancho Notorious!
Bicycles rentals:
Donata Cycle Rental
LG Smith Blvd 136-d, Tel: (297) 5834343
Melchor Cycle Rental
Bubali 106-b Noord, Tel: (297) 5871787
Pablito's Bike Rental
Office LG Smith Blvd z/n, Tel: (297) 5878655

A lot of these operators provide all the necessary equipment for any of your biking needs, the quality of the bicycles tends to be o.k with a high focus on TREK bicycles with its aluminum frames that work well with some of the rugged roads of the island.

Another option is to rent the mountain bikes without any tour guide, and you could explore the island at your own pace. It is completely safe on the island and in general terms, vehicular traffic gives the right of way to cyclist, thus reducing any possibility of accidents.

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