Horseback Riding in Aruba

Basically in Aruba, there are 3 operators that offer horseback riding in Aruba. The first one is Rancho del Campo, Rancho Notorious and Rancho Daimari. Each offers a variety of private or group tours, they will take you to some of the main attractions on the island; such as Natural Pool, Arikok National Park, Sand dunes, Malmok Reef, Alta Vista Chapel and the list goes on and on.

All three operators will welcome novice riders and the horses are so used to have different people that they do not tend to run away or behave wildly into other animals. Usually children under 6 years of age will need to ride with an adult, making it difficult for a novice rider to handle the child and the horse. After 6 years of age, the child will be allow to ride alone, helmet are mandatory for all kids under the age of 15, operators do provide them, so there is not need to have or buying prior to the tour. Younger kids tend to tire easily, so it is recommended to take shorter tours, plus bring extra liquids and snacks for them, since they also tend to dehydrate faster than adults.

All three operators offer refreshments and breaks on the tours. It is a great fun experience, if you like horses and being outside, keep in mind that Aruba’s sun is hard and you must bring clothes and hats to protect from it. Also bring sunscreen, since being outside for a long period of time without any shade will cause sun burn.
If you have not ride in you lifetime or have not done it in a while, and want to do it, take a short tour to see if you can handle it, being on the back of the horse could be uncomfortable for the back, legs and hips, so be conscious about it before booking any tour.

The views are spectacular and the experience of nature and horseback riding in Aruba is unique, in some portions, tour guides will allow you to gallop the horses, making a fun experience overall. Tour guides are probably less knowledgeable or approachable than in other tours, it is understandable, since they have to take care of your safety, and the horses having their hands full for most the tour; it is not your regular tour that you can sit and enjoy, in this case you are part of the tour as well.

Prices varies if you choose a private tour or a group tour, it can range from $50 per person to over $200 per person for the private tour. Groups are not bigger than 23 people, and that is not an easy task, since it is not just the 23 people, but also 23 horses sharing the tour. Aruba is a great place, it is relatively safe, it is fun and in general the operators will try to make a great impression. Just make sure that you come prepare with clothes and sunscreen for a great adventure. Enjoy your horseback riding in Aruba.

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