Eagle Beach Aruba

eagle beachEagle Beach Aruba is located south of Palm Beach and North of Oranjestad, this beach host resorts such as La Cabana and the Amsterdam Manor. Eagle Beach host some amenities and in general terms is well kept by the resorts, there is plenty or parking and also public transportation is available and plenty of short taxi cabs available.

This is the second most popular beach in Aruba, the sands are white and the water with its light blue and calm surf makes it an ideal place for swimming. Eagle beach host the famous Divi Divi tree that you see on many pictures and post-cards and brings many tourist to take pictures of Aruba’s national tree.

Since it is calmer and quieter than Palm Beach, it brings an ambiance of peace and tranquility that many beaches on Aruba give.

This is the begging of the low-rise areas and some of the older hotels and timeshares are located in this area. This beach is popular with tourist and locals, especially over the weekend.

eagle beach aruba

If you are looking for a quite beach with great swimming and some basic amenities, Eagle is the right place, it is the hybrid of Palm Beach and some of the deserted beaches that you find on Aruba.

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