Drinking Water in Aruba

Drinkable water on the world is becoming a higher concern with global warming; the trend is to become green helping preserve earth for future generation. Aruba is not an exception to the rule. Drinking water in Aruba is difficult to find and with a growing population and tourism industry that brings over a million people a year, it is a challenge. Aruba has the second largest saltwater desalination plant in the world; it is capable of producing 11.2 million of gallons of pure, distiller water per day.

drinking water in aruba

When you travel, it is recommended that tourist do not drink tap water. In Aruba, the water even though is desalinated is safe to drink for human consumption. On the islands, the cost of water could be extremely high, and if you are staying for a few days, that bill could be high one, because in some islands, they must bring the water from other places, adding to cost of the water. That is not the case in Aruba; drinking water in Arubais readily available and is extremely cheap in comparison with others.

The plant was inaugurated in 2000 and it was constructed in Germany and ship to Aruba, it uses a process what is called PPFF or Pressed Plate Falling Film. It consists of heat titanium exchangers of considerable size that allow the flow of salt water and deliver a pure, drinkable product. The plant is the half of a football field.

For over 70 years WATER- EN ENERGIEBEDRIJF ARUBA N.V. (WEB) has been on charge of power and water on the island and it has done a remarkable job. It has added over 250 million dollars in upgrading, developing new and efficient ways of on producing water and power to the island. Because of these, the quality of life and services available for its visitors and locals is high, it means that there will not be any shortage or rationing of basic services, making your stay as pleasant as possible.

There are tours available to visit the plant, please call the local tourism authorities for more information, or at the resort of your staying will be able to help you. It is a great tour for technical incline individuals, because there are not too many plants of this size in the world and being in Aruba could be a great opportunity during your stay on the island.

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