Aruba Dos Playas Beach

Dos Playas Beach is only a short drive away from Boca Prins and in general, it is the same type of beach. The access to the beach should be done on a 4-wheel drive, and it has some of the same windy conditions for windsurfing and kite surfing, because of the access, this is a deserted beach most of the time.

This beach has no facilities and if you planning to use it, please bring towels, drinks, sun-screen, and anything that you may need.

This is popular place for picnics with the wind blowing and the amazing views, it is a place that many will enjoy without going into the beach.

The beach has a darker sand in contrast to other beaches on the west side and it has stones and pebbles, the strong current makes this beach very difficult to swim and it is not recommended to any novice swimmer.

In general Dos Playas and Boca Prins are only places for sightseeing and not beaches that could be use for swimming, since they could be dangerous with strong currents.

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