Boca Prins Beach in Aruba

Boca Prins beach in Aruba is similar to Boca Grandi, it is also located on the east side of the island inside Arikok National Park. It is a beautiful place to have a picnic or excursion, since the constant wind makes mosquito- free and able to manage the heat. You must bring sun-screen to protect from the strong sun that Aruba has.

Boca Prins access must be done on an all terrain vehicle or jeep, the entrance is not as difficult as some other place on the island that requires 4-wheel drive vehicles. The place does not have any facilities and the beach is great for windsurfing and kite surfing similar to Boca Grandi.

The darker water is remainder of the strong current this section of Aruba has, it is not recommended for kids or elderly, the waves hit the beach are strong and it could be dangerous if an inexperience swimmers gets caught in it.

The beach has darker sands than with stones and pebbles, making a little bit uncomfortable to be barefooted.

The views are gorgeous since from the beach to the mountain could be a short stretch of few feet and that is what makes this place so unique, which has a contrast to the west side of the island which on the majority is flat.

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