Aruba Balashi Beer

Aruba also has its own beer, it is called Balashi. It is a fully automated factory that is able to produce 15000 bottles per hour; it was built in 1998 by Brouwerij Nacional Balashi in 1998. State of the art computer software controls the entire process, providing a high quality and award winning beer, which is readily available on the island.

Balashi beer is probably the most popular beer on the island, but there are plenty of other choices like world wide popular Heineken and American beers like Miller Lite. Balashi beer has been around for only 10 years, but it has won the Gold Medal award in 2001 and 2004, because of its great taste and quality.

The brewery is located south of the airport and about 30 minutes from the high and low rise areas. There is just a daily tour with the cost of $ 6 and it starts at 10 am. At the end of the tour, you can seat on Balashi Garders, an open air bar and restaurant next to the brewery, rubbing elbows with Balashi workers and fellow beer lovers from all over the world.
Reservations are must, since there is just one tour and there is limited space. You can call directly to the Balashi for tour detail an availability.

Balashi is exported to other neighboring island such as Bonaire and Curacao. Metal Corp NV is the biggest conglomerate on the island, making a very profitable enterprise. Balashi also offers Malta, which is the non-alcoholic version of beer, and other ingredients that makes kids love. It is also very popular and readily available on the island.

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