Baby Beach Aruba

Baby Beach is another popular destination for snorkelers in Aruba. It is the farthest south beach on Aruba. Getting there is a bit confusing and there are not clear signs to follow.
Like Rodger’s beach, this beach is a local hang out place, but unlike Rodger’s, here some tour operators make it a stop, so it is a bit of mix crow.

Baby Beach ArubaThis beach is light blue water, and the entire beach is shallow with no more than 3 feet of water, making very popular for families.

The real depth of the beach come outside the reef, and that is at least 100 yards away. You can walk the first 80 and then swim the rest, at times; it could difficult to maneuver since snorkeling is very popular.

There are plenty of shade huts or palapas and there is a cafeteria style of restaurant, in where you can try some of the local cuisine, other than that, there are no

The beach has great sand and you can enjoy being on the water and sun bathing at the same time, since the beach is that shallow. Like many other places on Aruba, you must bring your own towels, chairs, sun screen and any snorkeling gear.

Baby B is not a bad beach or a great beach, but the snorkeling is a decent one.

Baby Beach

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