Aruba Atlantis Submarine

Aruba offers Atlantis Submarine, it is a member of float of submarines that is owned and operated by Atlantis Submarine international, it offers similar services in Hawaii, Guam, Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Barbados and St. Thomas. Atlantis designed, constructed and services this float of submarines and explores that offer you an underwater glimpse of life under the water.

Atlantis will offer you a submarine or explore ride depending on your need, the cost varies, but the two hour adventure will cost you around $ 100 per adult and $ 50 per children, the submarine will dive to a depth of 130 feet and show you natural coral reef and various ship wrecks around the island. It is safe and inside the submarine, it can fit up to 48 people with air condition and amazing under water view. The tour last around two hrs and the submarine is under water about half of the time, making an exceptional experience. The tour start in downtown Oranjestad and Atlantis will ferry you to the submarine and in the open sea, individuals will transfer you in the submarine. The staff is license and knowledgeable making a pleasant experience, also, the submarine is approved by the U.S Coast Guard, deem able safe and over the years Atlantis has move over a million passengers in all its worldwide locations, making a top attraction.

A second option with Atlantis is what is called the Seaworld Explore and it is a state of the art semi-submarine developed in Australia for use on the Great Barrier Reef. The cost is around $ 40 for adults and $ 20 for children. The Explore does not submerge like the submarine but it cruises and its hull becomes a large underwater observatory; it also has air condition and comfortable seat with large glass for visitors to enjoy under water sightseeing. The tour starts at the Holiday Inn resort and a transfer boat takes you to the Seaworld Explore in the renowned Arashi reef. From the reef, the Explore will take you to the Antilla, the biggest shipwreck in the Caribbean, the WII German freighter is partially submerge and the explore will navigate with inches, showing all marine life and the massive side of the ship, then the Capitan will take you for a nice relaxing cruise to shore.

This is a great option instead of scuba, snorkeling or snuba, it will show you within the comfort of a submarine the under water life around Aruba. The full submarine will not probably be an attraction for small children or claustrophobic individuals just make sure they are willing to be in a sort of small place for length of the tour. Aruba is one of the only 11 destinations that Atlantis offer these attractions and it is a great place to do it, the water is clear and the marine life abundant, not to mention the biggest shipwreck in the Caribbean, it could be a great adventure, keep it in your list of attractions on the island. Enjoy your Atlantis Submarine trip.

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