Aruba Scuba Diving

Aruba Scuba Diving is great; it has one of the largest ships wrecks collection in the Caribbean. Aruba is fantastic place for scuba divers because of the clear crystal waters, warm temperature rarely dipping below 75 degree F and the amount of operators and tours available to discover some of these wrecks that the island offers. You do not have to be a certified professional driver or it is called a PADI certified, to take some of these tours. Beginners has plenty of choices, many of the resorts on the island offer private and group classes, it would probably not be enough to become certified, but it will give some insight on the basics at Aruba scuba diving.

Even if you decision is to just enjoy and being certified is not for you, there are other options that many operators offer in Aruba. One of them is just simple snorkeling that is the little brother of scuba diving, all you need is a mask, tube and some fins. Snorkeling is done at sea level with minimal dives since there is not tanks attach to the diver, but you still have the view and get an appreciation for the wrecks, reefs, fishes thus very popular to tourist. Another option is called Snuba, it is a hybrid between snorkeling and scuba. It directly connects the diver to boat thru an oxygen tube that allows divers to go into the water up to certain depth and range, letting them to see more closely some of the wrecks.

Scuba fanatics love the island because of a largest wreck on the Caribbean, it is the German freighter the Antilla, its Capitan decide to sink on the coast the Aruba, making sure it did not fall into Allied hands, thus becoming POW (prisoners of war) under Dutch law. The site is impressive, it is 400 feet long, and it is situated on Eagle beach on the NW side of the island, it is so massive that portions of the wreck ascend all the way to the surface. On any given day, Aruba scuba diving and snorkeling it is great place, because of its popularity at some points on the day it could be crowed.

Other Wrecks are the Pedernalis, or what’s left of it. South from it, there is the Pilot wreck a pair of cargo airplanes and the “Jane C” wreck and a few other barges and cargo containers, that for different reasons are lying at the bottom of the ocean a few feet from the coast of Aruba.

The operators of the island are visible divide into, what would be more of leisure diver or beginner and into the hard core more experience one. Some of the leisure operator will take you to some of the most popular wrecks, with a limited and tight schedule that is the case of Red Sail, JADS, Unique and many more. The hard core ones such as Mermaid sport divers cater to certified divers, taking you into more hard to find and less popular places. It is also known for professional scuba divers, some of these operators must take them to southern side of the inland, away to some of the popular places such as the Antilla, allow them to submerge freely across the ocean.

If water is not one of your options, do not worry, there are plenty to do on the island. From the casinos, restaurants and many attractions mentioned across the website, that will give you a sense of what you can expect on the island. Enjoy your Aruba Scuba Diving.

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