Aruba Rodgers Beach

Aruba Rodgers Beach located south Oranjestad and in the south of Aruba refinery, it is a bit surreal since it is next to this huge refinery and in many places such as in the United States, being so close it will be almost impossible for security reasons. It is next to the town of San Nicholas and it is a 30 to 40 minutes ride from the high rise area.

The beach is good, with white sandy stretches, it has some palapas or shade huts and it is a favored place for the locals, Rodger’s Beach is relatively close to the town of San Nicolas, so in case that you may want or need anything, probable the best place to start will be the town.

On the beach there is a place caferteria style of restaurant that you will be able to eat or drink like the local, next by there is rental place for any snorkeling gear that you may need. Rodger’s beach at the beginning is shallow but as you keep on walking depth increases and at that point, it becomes a good swimming beach.

This is the local’s beach, but some tourists do like to get away from the common of the high and low rises areas, and go here to be another Aruban, it is different than Palm beach but it is a good place to go to the beach.

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