Aruba Casinos

In the many attractions mention in WelcomeAruba, there is another one that Aruba has; Aruba Casinos gambling in the island is readily available. Like in many destinations in the Caribbean, casinos is another stream of revenue to many institutions and Aruba is not an exception. There are many casinos in where you play until you die or run out money, also there are many more value options in the casinos, like penny and 5 cents slots available, depending of your need or budget.

Many of the casinos and probably the most important casinos are located on Palm Beach area where most of them cater to all the hotel visitors. In this area, casinos are open for all public including their guests; in some of the hotels are some rooms that are reserved for special guest.

In General, you can play all sorts of games, like slot machines, blackjack, roulette, craps, poker and many of its versions, also in many casinos you will be able to be on sports and other choices like you will do in Vegas or Atlantic City.

Unlike the U.S in which gambling is very restricted in many states to Indian reservations, casino rivers and many more variations, here in Aruba available everywhere. To enter and play in the casino, players must be 18 years of age and the casino have the right to ID individuals.

The casino accepts U.S currency and in fact so are the slots machines, so basically all you need to bring is U.S dollars to play in your game of choice.

Caribbean Stud poker is the created in Aruba in 1988 and as popularity grew; it expanded all over the world becoming a popular option for players not only in Aruba, this type of poker offers players the thrill of a progressive jackpot that can reach into thousands of dollars.

Most of the casinos open in the morning until the crack of dawn, but there only a few that are open 24 hrs, such as the Stellaris Casino, that offers 30 types of games, live shows and even a progressive Bingo. Another popular casino is the Alhambra, it is one of the original casinos on the island and it is located with in walking distance of the low rise resorts. It offers cash prizes, dining and entertainment option; like you would in any other casino in cities like Vegas. The biggest casino on island the Royal Cabana at the Cabana Beach resort, whose Tropicana showroom has 600 seats and offers popular shows, plus jewelry, cigar and souvenir shops.         

There are many more casinos, like the Casablanca in the Why    

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