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In Aruba car rental is easy and convenient; you can choose to rent your vehicle at the airport in which many US companies have a presence such as Avis, Hertz, Dollar, or Thrifty. To rent a car, you will need to be at least 23 years of age and hold a driver’s license for at least 3 years; a valid United States, Canada, Australia, England and any other European country and a valid credit card will allow you to rent any vehicle on the island.

aruba car rentalThere is a variety of vehicles you can choose from, usually car rental companies hold Toyota, Suzuki, Ford, GM and Chryslers as the top brands, but there a few more offering depending on the season and the type of rental. One important thing is that there is no tax on car rentals and whether or not you buy insurance for your vehicle including full coverage, you are responsible for the first $500 worth of damage if something were to happen to you car.

 It is simple to rent a vehicle in Aruba; probably the most difficult choice is what type of vehicle you will need. Aruba car rental companies will give a SUV if your spirit is more adventures, or can rent a sedan with air condition, radio and other comforts; or simple you can choose something bigger or smaller depending on your needs.

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aruba car rentalOne advantage of renting a vehicle is that you can get around the island, but if you are not sure if renting a vehicle is the right thing for you; you do not have to go to be at the airport to rent one, there are plenty of Aruba car rental companies that services the various hotels and they can pick it you and give you a car in a matter of minutes. The options are endless you can rent it just for the day, the weekend or maybe more and see the island, its attractions and its beaches.

The island is safe to travel and for the most part has with working traffic lights, roundabouts, and in general drivers are courteous and responsible, they are use to having tourist renting vehicles on the island. Driving is done on the right hand side of like in the U.S, Canada, Europe and other parts of the world and all of the traffic signs are logical for the most, there could some signs that may be difficult to understand, since it has more  European base of driving.

aruba rentals

Aruba Car Rental another important part is if you to rent a vehicle parking is not a problem in the island, even in the downtown area, except on the high season and around new years, parking is accessible and in general is flexible and relaxed, even though Orajenstad is the capital and where almost all government offices and major business center are, you may believe that parking and accessing could be difficult like any major city year round and it is not, do not get the impression that is quite and desert, which it is not, but it is not congested like many other cities in the Caribbean. Outside Oranjestad traffic and parking is never a problem, except on rush hours on some of the areas where many Arubans live, which it become congested at times and for a short period of time, other than that, it is pretty simple to get around the island so we recommend aruba car rental.

You will not have a problem finding parking places and also it is very safe and theft is almost none existent, so it is rare that someone will get into your car or steal it, still you must be careful if you do some shopping and leaving some of the bags inside of the car, that is something that you do not do, wherever you are and not even related if you are in vacation or not.

aruba jeep rentalAruba Car Rental

Gasoline is not a problem either, there are plenty of gas stations on the island and since there is only one gasoline octane, so basically there is only one type of gasoline that you will use, you will only just have to pay and fill up at any of the gas stations. In addition gas prices are at international level, so it will cost you more less the same as you would in the United States, but before you stop and fill up your car, ask at the car company for any promotions on returning your car with a empty tank of gas.

aruba thriftyAruba Car Rental - Thrifty

In Aruba, not only you can rent cars, SUVs, but you can also rent ATVs, scooters and motorcycles. Each one has it own different requirements and set rules to rent them out, to be more specific you will need to contact directly, also on some of them, you do not need to be 23 years of age. In Aruba car rental they are some real benefits and real risk on renting some of them, like in the ATV, the cost of gas and the ability to go to many places is fantastic, but if by any reason you get into any type of accident, it could be very dangerous to the driver or any passenger; just weight your option when deciding.

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Aruba Car Rental and the cost of renting:

Can vary depending on the type, size, length and season. You can probably rent a small car with air conditioner for $ 30 per day or it can go to over $ 110 to rent an SUV per day, those rates varies, but again you do not need to rent them at the airport, any front desk on any hotel, resort, timeshare, apartment rental could give you a short recommendation, on who to call or they can even do it for you, since some of them have some agreements with some of the car rental companies.

Obviously the best rates are in the low season from April to late November, with sometimes plenty of discounts. If you are planning to travel on the high season, you will be better off pre-paying in advance to make sure you will get a vehicle at a decent rate, otherwise it could become difficult to find the vehicle that you want when you want it.

Like many other islands on the Caribbean, aruba car rental segment is an important one, and in most cases, they will try to accommodate your needs to the best of their abilities. Aruba is a fun place to rent a car, ATV, bicycle, motorcycle or anything in between, you do not need to rent a vehicle for a long period of times, since Aruba offers reliable transportation and plenty of taxis to get you around, but whatever is your choice, enjoy and discover the island.


Aruba Car Rental Directory of Companies:

  • Value Aruba
    Is another locally owned and operated car rental company and it only has one location in Aruba, it is a great solution if you would like to know Aruba and what to rent a car while you are already at a hotel, resort or timeshare in Aruba, they offer discounts and has special offers with a large selection of vehicles and Value will pick you up at any of the hotels, making very convenient to its guest.

  • Ruba Rent A Car
    Aruba Car Rental company locally owned and operated. It only has one location off the airport and Ruba provides shuttle services to and from the airport making convenient and easy once you landed in Aruba. It offers discounts and special offers, making a great value proposition.

  • Royal Car Rental
    Aruba Car Rental that has competitive rates and always has specials. It has a large selection of vehicles to choose from and it has 4 locations through the island being one of the biggest local car rental company in Aruba.

  • More4less Car Rental
    Another budget company that has a good selection of vehicles, located a few minutes away from airport is conveniently located. It has competitive prices and always has special offers and discounts. Good alternative to other Aruba car rental companies.

  • Courtesy Car Rental
    With only one location in Aruba close to the airport. It offers Korean, Japanese and American cars with competitive prices, this is excellent if you are renting straight from the airport, since they shuttle services to and from the airport.

  • Explore Car Rental
    Is a local owned and operated car rental company with only one location. It is a possible solution when you are already in Aruba and what to explore the island. Explore Car rental will pick you up from any of the hotels to rent a vehicle from them.

  • Tropic Car Rental
    Is budget solution to the large and complex selection of car rental in Aruba; it is specialty is this company only offers a Toyota Yaris, taking out the selection process out the equation, it has the best rates for any Toyota Yaris in Aruba and always it is running specials on any rental.

  • Optima Car Rental
    One of the many local companies that offers car rental services in Aruba with a good car selection and competitive prices. Optima Aruba car rental company has two locations in Aruba, even though is small, it has a courteous and friendly service making pleasurable to rent from it.

  • Top Drive
    Local owned and operated Aruba car rental company with a strong presence. It has one of the biggest fleet selection on the island. It always is running special and has great competitive rates, it has 4 offices in Aruba making very convenient and accessible to rent from at Top Drive.

  • Caribbean Car Rental
    Has a lower tier fleet at a reasonable prices and only has one location in Aruba. This is a value solution for renting a vehicle in Aruba, Caribbean Car rental has special and offers that may entice to many Tourist to the island.

  • Super Car Rental
    Some of the best deals you can find in Aruba, with the option of renting exotic vehicles in Aruba, making the only of its kind in the island. It is a place with friendly and courteous service with some of the most complex selection on the island.

  • All Drive Car Rental
    With an excellent service and 12 locations in Aruba. It has a great selection of vehicle and All Drive Car Rental will pick you up from any location to rent its vehicle.

  • National Car Rental
    International car rental company competing in Aruba. It has a limited local presence with only 2 locations. It has a strong reputation and a good fleet of cars at a competitive prices, it gives you a strong piece of mind when dealing with National. It is a solid selection for your car rental needs in Aruba.

  • Econo Car Rental
    It has a strong presence in the island with 3 locations, holding a large fleet selection with discounts and specials running that attracts many tourist that are already in Aruba and looking to rent a car in Aruba. It is a good choice with courteous and friendly service.

  • Economy Car Rental
    Is a great option to many car rental companies in Aruba, it has 4 locations in Aruba and good selection of Japanese, especially Toyotas. It is locally owned and operated with friendly service and reliable cars.

  • Alamo Aruba
    Is an international renowned company, it has a small presence in the island with only 2 locations in Aruba. By using Alamo, you get piece of mind and courteous service that you will get out the bigger known companies. It has a good fleet of cars and the service that you expect from a well establish company.

  • Dollar Aruba
    International company that has a small presence in Aruba with only 2 locations. It is another company that gives piece of mind with a courteous service. It has a good fleet of cars with good service and a great piece of mind when renting cars from Dollar.

  • Thrifty Aruba
    It has a one of the biggest presence in the island with multiple locations. Thrifty has a reputation of good reliable and quality cars with courteous services with excellent reputation. It has a large selection of vehicles at a competitive prices, being one of the most popular choices in Aruba.

  • American Car Rental
    It has one of the biggest selection of vehicles in Aruba. You will get some of the most courteous and friendly services you will get while renting a car in Aruba. It is well located with 3 location in Aruba, good company to rent from.

  • Amigo Car Rental
    Locally owned and operated. It offers a large selection of vehicles and it has a close office to the airport and one on Palm Beach. Amigo Car Rental will pick you up to rent one of its vehicles making a great alternative to some of the biggest car rental companies in Aruba

  • Avis Aruba
    Is one of the most important car rental companies in the world, it has one of the most renown name in the world, providing an excellent reputation with its car fleet and services and in Aruba is not an exception.

  • Hertz Aruba
    It has one of the strongest presence in the island with a large selection of vehicles. The benefits of renting from companies like Hertz is the convenient and simplicity to rent a vehicle not only in Aruba, but wherever you go and doing it a competitive prices.

  • Budget Aruba
    It has a small presence in Aruba with two locations one at the airport and another one on the Palm Beach area. It has a good service and it is easy and simple to rent from them. It has a good selection of cars and the piece of mind that you will get from a reputable company.

  • Toyota Rent a Car Aruba
    Aruba Car Rental Company that only offers Toyota vehicles and with 4 location in the island, you will find that is simple, practical and easy to rent vehicles from it. It has a larger selection of vehicles at a competitive prices, it is a solid company to rent from with good customer service.

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