Aruba Arashi Beach

Aruba Arashi Beach located on the northwest side of the island a few minutes north of Palm Beach Resorts, it is a snorkeling paradise. The water is light blue and sandy bottom, makes Arashi on of the best beaches in Aruba; in here you can have the best of both worlds, you can lay on the sun or enjoy a nice swim; There are some pebbles or stones that may be uncomfortable for some, but they are not a big inconvenience to enjoy the beach.

Arashi means storm in Japanese, it is difficult to understand from such a beautiful and untouched location, such a peculiar name and one reason is that when the wind and sea combine on a stormy day, it could become a difficult place to navigate.

Arashi beach is the further northeast beach on Aruba and it is only a couple of minutes away from the California Lighthouse and Tierra del Sol Aruba Resort and Country Club.
It is in the middle of some of the nicest houses in Aruba and the local real estate on the north side of the island is the hottest and more expensive on the island.

This beach lacks any amenities, but if you are lucky enough, you will be able to enjoy one of the few palapa or shade huts that Arashi offers. Over the past year, Aruba government has create parking, more shade hut and increase the infrastructure on the place, but still short if you are looking to eat or drink something on the beach.

Arashi is just a short drive, cab away from Oranjestad or Palm Beach, you will love the place, if you are looking a quite beach with great snorkeling, just do not forget your gear, if you are adventuring on your own.

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